Portion Sizes

Our focus with clients is to try and simplify eating as much as possible.

With so many different diets out there most people feel deprived, confused, frustrated with trying to lose weight.

We have found over the years simple and clear guideline are easiest for someone to consistently follow through on long-term.

Therefore, our starting point for nutrition is very simple.  

Once someone has this starting point consistent they simply need to adjust based on what they're experiencing.

We break food down into a few different categories as you can see from the graphics below and use hand sizes to help get proper serving sizes.

Essentially we are helping someone control calories without having to consistently count calories while ensuring you're getting a lot of nutritious food.

Most of our clients find they do best with 3-4 meals per day (including snacks) and getting the outlined serving sizes above.  Our coaches help you to adjust and fine tune things as you go through the program.

When you're starting the program keep it super simple and worry about one habit at a time.