Sudbury Personal Training Studio that Specializes in Sustainable Weight Loss

Ten years ago, my wife and I started Optimal Body Personal Training with a vision of creating a personal training studio that specializes in helping people transform their body and their lives. 

Our goal is to create an environment for our clients that gives them all the tools they need to reach their goals.  We create an environment that allows them to feel supported on their journey to improving their health, fitness and becoming more confident inside of their own body. 

In the beginning, most of our clients come into us feeling uncomfortable inside their own skin. Typically, they hate picking out what clothes to wear because it takes far too long to find something that hides their trouble spots.

Usually, they’ve tried every diet, workout plan and weight solution out there without any luck.  Often, they feel like it might be impossible for them to get back their metabolism and waistline. 

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Despite the goal being to feel more confident with each failed attempt at losing weight, they feel even less confident in themselves.  Ironically, the exact opposite of the direction they want to head in.

If this sounds like you, you are exactly the type of person we help.

The Big Secret to Our Clients Success

Our personal training clients have been so successful over the years because we design incredibly effective exercise programs that get the right hormonal response for weight loss and increased metabolism.

Also, we create a positive environment that supports you every step of the way.  Our personal trainers can coach you on nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and all the other key areas depending on what your individual needs are.

Most personal training studios, diets, or weight loss programs are focused almost entirely on the number on the scale.  Although that number can be very important to many of our clients, it's important to remember that someone's goal is about a lot more than a number on the scale.

At our Sudbury Personal Training Studio our coaching process focuses not only on helping a person transform their body, but also help them understand how to change how they feel inside of their own body.

Sudbury Fitness Coaches for Weight Loss

What's Your Real Goal Working with a Personal Trainer?

Most of our new clients would say their goal is weight loss.  However, when we ask them a few more questions we discover their goals are a little more complex than that.

They're looking to feel more energetic inside of their own body.  They want to feel stronger inside of their own body.  They're looking to be able to perform their day to day tasks easier inside of their own body.

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To sum it up, they want to feel more comfortable and confident inside of their own body.  That is their real goal.  

Sudbury Personal Training Studio Specializing in Sustainable Weight Loss

And that's the problem most programs out there focus just on that number on the scale thinking that once the number on the scale goes down then they'll automatically feel all of those things.  

So, people go on crazy fad diets.  They eliminate all their favourite foods.  Push through feeling deprived trying to use will power to stick to their program. Not to mention, pushing themselves through gruelling workouts they hate.

I don't have to tell you how that story ends.......but, the person loses some weight and eventually gains it all back again feeling like they have to start from square one.

Our Personal Training Studio Approaches it Differently

Instead at our personal training studio in Sudbury, we focus on matching the process to the goal.  Instead of the typical way people try to lose weight we have someone learn how to indulge in their favourite foods.  

Our personal trainers teach people how to enjoy the benefits of exercise (this is often hard for most people to imagine at first!).  

With us, your trainer will focus on creating a supportive, positive, empowering environment to help you feel supported when you're struggling instead of guilty.   

We take this approach because we've learned over the years it leads to incredibly superior results when it comes to sustaining those results long-term.

How do Our Personal Trainer's Coach Sustainable Results?

Well, it is extremely difficult for us to fully put into words exactly how we coach this way.  It's hard for us to explain precisely how we’re different than what most people are used to when it comes to weight loss & fitness. 

So, we offer you a free personal training trial. So you can come and experience the difference for yourself.

If you would like to start learning how to build firm arms, get a tight tummy and burn more body fat without fad diets, without depriving yourself then register for a Free Personal Training Trial by entering your name, email address and phone number below: