Personal Training

Optimal Body Lunge Coaching

Our semi-private personal training services offer you a coach who is with you every step of the way. 

This means, your personal trainer will be there educating you, coaching you and supporting you on your own journey to reaching your weight loss and health goals.

With our semi-private service our personal trainers will design and coach you through a custom workout.  

First, you'll begin by going through our functional movements assessment.  With this information, your personal trainer can design you a workout based on your goals, fitness levels and injury history. 

In addition, your personal trainer will walk you through proper technique.  This ensures that you stay safe and injury free. But, also makes sure you are reaching your goal in the most effective way possible. 

With our semi-private personal training packages, we offer options where you are coming for either two or three 45 minute semi-private personal training sessions per week. 

Fit Body Training

Fitness Coach Sudbury-

Our Fit Body Group Training allows you to get the coaching, guidance and accountability you need.  But, with a smaller price tag.  

The purpose of our Fit Body Training is to ensure that people who are often intimidated by the typical “gym” atmosphere feel comfortable and confident while they exercise.  

Unlike the gym you won’t be un-sure if you’re properly performing exercises and feeling self-conscious because you’re all alone in an intimidating environment.

Instead, you have a personal trainer who's there coaching you every step of the way making sure you are performing the most effective exercises to reach your goals.  

With this service, you’ll be going through our progressive Fit Body workouts.  These programs are designed for clients looking to burn body fat, increase muscle tone, get fit and start increasing their energy levels in their day to day life.

Habit Coaching

nutrition coaching

If you want extra accountability, support and guidance on reaching your goals we have our nutrition and lifestyle coaching program.  

However, if you’re looking for a simple meal plan or a few recipes this is not that.  Instead, our program is a daily coaching program that keeps you accountable to your goals every single day.

We deliver this service through our online coaching platform.  You will have a combination of daily lessons, habits, check-ins, measurements and all the other tools you need to stay accountable to reaching your goals. 

Again, I want to stress this...our coaching program isn’t a diet.  Our program isn't just a bunch of rules.

Rather, we are focused on actual behavioural change through out the 6-month program.

To sum it up, our coaching program is built around teaching you how to get sustainable weight loss results through coaching actual behavioural change.

*All price do not include HST