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How to Stop Being Hungry

In this article, I will talk about how to stop being hungry to help you with your weight loss goals.

From my experience when it comes to their understanding of hunger and their desire to eat. There is a common misconception about these two things. 

More often, people confuse hunger with the desire to eat, thinking that these two things are one in the same. However, there are differences between when you’re hungry and when you just want to eat.


Sometimes, when we feel that we’re hungry, it is just our mental desire to consume food that is kicking in. 

One way of knowing if hunger is real or not is to occupy yourself with physical activities. It can be doing the dishes or the laundry, working, or even taking a walk, it doesn’t matter as long as your mind is occupied with other things besides food. 

If the feeling of hunger goes away, then you are not truly hungry, you simply want to eat. 

On the other hand, with real hunger, these sensations will continue even while your brain is preoccupied.

Understanding Hunger

Now, let me explain to you how hunger works. 

Hunger is a normal physiological function. Generally speaking it usually means your body is in need of something.

One of the most common trends we see with clients trying to lose weight is that they complain of being hungry all the time.

Although being hungry is definitely part of losing weight, battling with constant hunger makes weight loss almost impossible to sustain.

Over the years I’ve found that a lot of clients are constantly battling with hunger because they aren’t eating enough food at each meal.

Yes, you need to eat less calories to lose weight.  However, you should still be eating larger volumes of food to help keep you satisfied.

If you are finding yourself always feeling hungry there are high chances you’re not getting enough food to nourish your body and keep you satisfied.

Stop Hunger By Finding the Right Balance of Food

I mentioned wanting a high volume of food to try and stop hunger, while still managing to keep calories lower so you can lose weight.  How do you go about doing this? 

Focus on making your meals with a proper serving size of lean protein and vegetables.  Then at most meals add a thumb size serving of fats and a scooped out handful of smart carbs.  See the images below for proper servings sizes and which foods fall into each category.

For males a starting serving size is double each of those outlined above.

 Finding the right balance of the amount of food to eat differs from one person to another. 

But, these are starting points to help guide a person to get a better balance in your meals.

Most people who want to lose weight will need the following throughout a day (again this is a starting point, it’s very individual)

  • 4-6 servings of lean protein per day

  • 3-6 servings of veggies per day

  • 3-6 servings of smart carbs per day

  • 3-6 servings of healthy fats per day

What if You Still Can’t Stop Hunger?

Another strategy that can help stop hunger is making sure you’re hydrated.  

Trying drinking 250-500ml (1-2 cups) of water before each meal.  If you’re finding you’re hungry in between meals try doing the same thing.

Often, a lot of our clients will find this helps to curb their hunger. 

If you want to learn more about how much water to drink when dieting click here

What If You’re Still Hungry?

If you find you’re eating the guidelines above and you’re still finding yourself hungry all the time, you may want to look towards the difference between hunger and wanting to eat.

Often people confuse physical hunger with the desire to eat.  Often people aren’t physically hungry, but find themselves being pulled towards food.  

Next time you find you’re feeling hungry stop and identify what sensations you are experiencing.

Often people think they’re physically hungry, however, they aren’t experiencing sensations such as stomach rumbling. 

See if you’re being pulled towards specific foods or if you’re still looking to eat healthy food such as chicken breast and broccoli. 

If you find you’re being pulled towards eating less than healthy foods, but have little interest in eating healthier options you are probably in a state of wanting to eat, not true hunger.

 If you’re struggling with a desire to eat instead of hunger those are very different strategies to manage that problem. 

I’ll be covering those strategies in a different article in the future. 

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