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Are you ready for something different?  Something that lasts……
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  • January 20th we're taking 25 new clients into our Lean Living Coaching Program 
  • If you're not 100% satisfied at the end of the program we'll give you a full refund
  • Join our pre-sale list to have a chance to save 30% and access our program for just $69/month*
What Type of People Are We Looking For?

Our program isn’t for everyone.

A lot of times in the weight loss and fitness industry the large companies think they’ll solve everyone’s problems.

We’re a husband and wife team and after 13 years in the industry we can tell you that’s simply not how it works.

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We are not the right fit for everyone.

We want to work with people who are an excellent match with us because it helps the client get incredible results!

Frequently Asked Questions

"I already eat pretty healthy is this program going to work for me?"

We actually tend to attract a lot of clients who feel like they already eat pretty healthy, but they’re still not getting the results they want.

Our program is built around coaching you as an individual so we work with people who are already eating pretty healthy as well as people who are starting from square one.

"I’m hitting middle age and my hormones and metabolism aren’t what they used to be am I going to be able to see results?"

Absolutely, about 80% of our new clients report that they feel like they have a slow metabolism or hormones are stopping them from losing weight.  

In our program we will address those factors and show you how to rev up your metabolism!

"I already know what to do…..I just can’t seem to do it. Is this program going to be able to help me?"

Yes, this is one of the most common barriers and challenges our clients have before they start with us.  

A lot of our clients come to us feeling like they don’t have enough time or energy to get everything done.  

So our program has been designed for people with incredibly busy lives.  With our program health and fitness will be one less thing you have to stress over. 

"I just want to have enough energy to play with my kids (or grandkids) I don’t want to be some fitness model, is this program for me?"

Absolutely.  This program is designed for regular people looking to have more energy, feel toned & fit, healthy and confident inside of their own body.

Online weight loss program

Rachel's Success Story

"Thanks to Optimal Body I was able to not only transform my body. But, I no longer have that voice in the back of my head constantly weighing me down."

  • Went from a size 6 to a size 2
  • Dropped 4 inches off her waist
  • Decreased 6 percent body fat

What's Included with Our Online Coaching Program?

Nutrition Coaching

You'll know exactly what to do to get results.  That means you'll be looking and feeling your best.  Instead of avoiding all your favourite foods, feeling deprived and having to follow strict food rules you can sit back, relax and actually enjoy life. 

Fat Burning Workouts

We're going to show you workouts that not only boost your metabolism but are designed for people looking to get back into working out or have never really exercised before. The best part you can do the workouts from the comfort of your home. 

Access the Program Anywhere

You'll have our daily lessons sent straight to your smart phone, tablet, and computer.  

These lessons only take 1-5 minutes to complete. They'll take the guess work out of the whole process so you have one less thing to stress about. 

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Positive Accountability

On day 1 you'll be assigned a coach who will be with you every step of the way on your journey no matter what life throws at you.  

Your coach's job is to answer any questions, give you feedback, and make adjustments to your plan to make sure you're getting the results you want.  

Progress Checks

Every 2 weeks you'll have progress checks to make sure we're keeping you accountable and motivated on the path to your goals.

How to lose weight

Debbies' Success Story

"I feel great! My physical and mental health have improved significantly and I have more confidence than I've ever had before."

  • Lost 22 pounds
  • Lost 17 inches in total
Imagine if you could look and feel your best & knew you’d maintain those results?

The weight loss industry has people believing the only way to lose weight is to go to extremes.

Take out all carbs……they’re bad.
Count every calorie you eat and hit this specific number………that 'll solve the problem.
Eat like a caveman…..then you’ll be good to go.

After each attempt to lose weight most people are usually left feeling like they don’t have enough willpower, they lack motivation, and nothing seems to work.

The weight loss industry as a whole is built on a really poor model that leaves the vast majority of people feeling worse and worse about themselves instead of feeling more confident and comfortable inside of their own body. 

The weight loss industry is built on a cookie cutter model that gives people a strict set of rules to follow.

Heck, I wouldn’t be able to follow the unrealistic diets or programs out there for more than a few weeks and I’m the professional.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for years don’t beat yourself up.

Woman looking at food

I constantly meet people who are blaming themselves for not being able to stick with diets.  

It’s not their fault.  

Hormonally, physically and mentally most diets make it almost impossible for people to be able to stick to the plan. 

Weight Loss Success Story Personal Trainers

Rhonda's Success Story

"I feel alive now!  Plus, I love myself more now and go through life feeling like I have enough energy and confidence to accomplish anything I set out to do."

  • Lost 25 pounds
  • Dropped 10 inches off her waist
  • Decreased knee & back pain

"Am I going to have to give up pizza, wine, chips, ice cream (or any other of your favourite foods)?"

No, that’s one of the main reasons most people fail at sustaining results is that they go to extremes to lose weight.  We want to teach you how to indulge in all of those foods so you’re not only getting amazing results but still feeling mentally satisfied.

"With your program do I have to track all my calories, carbs, macros, etc.?"

No, certainly not.  Although some people might find it helpful to count calories in our experience (having done this for 13 years now) the vast majority of people don’t do well long-term with counting calories.  

Instead, we teach people how to regulate portion sizes through a few different methods that don’t require counting calories or measuring every single piece of food you are eating. 

"I’m always starving when I follow a diet or weight loss plan, am I going to feel that way with your program?"

No, we want to teach you how to fuel and nourish your body instead of starving the weight off.  

Most of our clients are blown away at how much food they’re eating when they’re follow our program.  

We'll teach you how to get proper levels of hunger so you’re not starving all the time, but still getting the results you're looking for.

Weight Loss Program

Caroline's Success Story

"I feel confident inside of my own body for the first time in years.  And I no longer feel guilty when I want to indulge and enjoy my favourite foods."

  • Lost 32 pounds
  • Dropped 9 inches off her waist
  • Decreased knee, back & shoulder pain
So What's Our Solution?

We focus on coaching you as an individual and help you learn what works for you.

The truth is, different things work for different people.

With our approach we don’t try to fit everyone into our mold.

Instead our Lean Living Coaching Program is built around coaching you.

Our goal is to help you figure out the best way to eat for your body. 

We’re going to help you develop genuine habits into your life.

Weight Loss

Karen's Success Story

" I am in the best shape of my life. Optimal Body gave me all the tools and confidence to able to keep going on my own."

  • Lost 13 pounds
  • Dropped 6 inches off her waist
  • Decreased 6.2% body fat

No More Strict Food Rules

You’ll learn how to fuel and nourish your body instead of trying to starve the weight off. 

This way you not only look great, but you feel great.

Your coach will be there to teach you how to feel in control around food, how to feel in control of your own body.

We are going to simplify this process and teach you habit by habit exactly what you need to do to look and feel your best.

"I really struggle with staying motivated and keeping myself accountable.  Does your program have any accountability?"

Yes, our program has very high levels of accountability.  That’s actually the number one reason people begin working with us.

On your first day you’ll be assigned a coach who'll be with you every step of the way.  Your coach is there to keep your goals as their top priority even when your goals may be slipping down on your priority list when life gets busy, stressful and you get off track. 

We are coaching and guiding you through the process that’s why we are only taking on 25 new clients twice per year.

"If I miss a week or get off track is everything ruined?"

No, not at all.  Getting off track is part of the learning process.  

That’s a big reason that most people struggle to get results. They aren’t learning from the setbacks.  

Your coach will be with you to help guide you through the process of getting things back on track so you reach your goals.

"I often emotionally eat, or binge eat or have a sweet tooth can you help me with that?"

Yes, we cover all of these things.  Over 90% of our clients struggle with some degree of emotional eating, binge eating or at the least have serious sugar cravings.  

We coach our clients through these barriers with the intention of helping them start to develop real long-term strategies to manage these challenges instead of relying on willpower.

Healthy Weight Loss

Lisa's Success Story

"Not only did I reach my goal of feeling better but I look better and I have way more confidence in myself than I did when I started with Optimal Body."

  • Lost 12 pounds
  • Dropped 7.5 inches off her hips
  • Lost a total of 29.5 inches

How confident are we that our process works?


If you’re not 100% satisfied at the end of our 12-month program, you’ll get a full refund.

Your Program is a Year Long?

Yes, our Lean Living Coaching Program lasts 12 months.

Our program isn’t a gimmick. 
Our program isn’t a quick fix.

Let me explain why our program is a year and you tell me if this makes sense.

We are in the business of teaching people how make real genuine change in their lives. 

How they look.

How they feel.

How they experience life. 

If you’re just looking for a few quick tips, a couple cool recipes, a rough idea of what to eat, Google can give you that information for free (heck we give a lot of that out for free on our website!).

If you want someone who’s there to keep you accountable and support you through a proven method that delivers results that’s what our Lean Living Coaching Program is all about.

The diet industry wants you to believe that everything can be solved in a matter of a few weeks.

Stop and really think about this. 

Do you think it only takes a matter of a few weeks?

Our approach is completely different than what you've tried with other diets or programs.

As one of our clients said to us once.

"This sounds completely different than what I've been doing for the last 15 years to try and lose weight.  But, what I've been doing clearly isn't working so I'm ready to try something else."

Our Lean Living Coaching Program is a year long because we take you through a learning process.

That’s how we deliver results that last. 

That’s how we make sure someone never has to diet again!

Weight Loss Success Story

Melissa's Success Story

"Not only does my body look better, but I feel strong & healthy. It's pretty thrilling to go shopping and feel confident instead of wanting to cry."

  • Went from a size 8 to a size 4
  • Dropped 4 inches off her waist
  • Lost 5 percent body fat

"What type of results do our clients experience?"

We’ll have clients who lose anywhere from 5-90 pounds over the course a year.

Different people have different goals.

You can look through just a handful of our clients before and after pictures. 

I want to stress something though, the most important thing is figuring out the right pace for you as an individual.  

That's what your coach will help you do through out the program.

Lost 20 inches

Online Personal Training

I lost 4 % body fat

Lose weight online

I lost 3 dress sizes

Lose weight from home

I Lost 65 pounds

Online fitness coach

I Lost 25 pounds

Weight Loss Success Story Sudbury Personal Training Studio - G Before&After

I lost 5 inches off my waist

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There’s No Obligation to Take that First Step

If you commit to us and go through our program and you’re not 100% satisfied at the end of the 12 months, we’ll give you a full refund.

If you think you might be interested in becoming 1 of our 25 new clients on January 20th sign up for our pre-sale list.

There’s no cost and no obligation to join our pre-sale list.

Our pre-sale list will give you access to sign up for our Lean Living Online Coaching Program 24 hours before the general public. 

With our pre-sale list you’ll also have a chance to save 30% off our regular price and sign up for just $69/month.*

We do a pre-sale list to help identify the people who are truly ready to commit to creating change in their life because these are the people we are excited to work with.

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